There are many types of cocaine, including cocaine powder, cocaine HCl and crack cocaine. The main difference between crack and cocaine is the addition of baking powder (sodium bicarbonate), which produces a lumpy or “rocky” substance in colors ranging from yellow to pink to white. Crack cocaine produces an intense, short-lived euphoric rush and a strong desire for more of the drug. Smoking crack cocaine creates vapors which reach the brain quicker than snorting cocaine powder. Since crack cocaine is not the same as pure cocaine, this drug is primarily abused throughout underprivileged communities in the United States. On the other hand, users who snort cocaine are generally more affluent and associate the drug with glamour. Crack cocaine delivers a strong cocaine experience in small, low-priced parcels. These cheap cocaine packets are illegally distributed under names like “nickels”, “dimes”, “twenties”, “solids” and “forties”.

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